Thursday, February 12, 2009

Don't "Hard Times" Me!

I screwed my courage to the sticking post, and I called my worst card: wells fargo.  I've had a checking account with them since I was 18. Never an overdraft. Never a minute late on paying my visa bill with them.
They told me that lowering my rate from 21% (I was high risk when I got this card, 4 years ago) was impossible. Haven't I heard that the economy is busily eating a fat one? 
Hell hath no fury like a litigious cheapskate scorned. I will be putting on my best suit and my best face and I will be coming for them.
The thing is- my credit means little to me.I have impeccable credit, but cannot buy a house. I already bought a car. I will default and pay the 10% APR mandated by law before I let the fuckers win. I said that, when I called them.  There was an awkward moment, and I apologized to the gal on the other end. It's not her fault she reads the script of bloodsuckers.
I'll keep you posted.

No one, but no one, makes me pay finance charges.

By the way, tonight's penny pinching dinner was a carrot salad with a toasted cumin/red wine vinegar dressing, and pan fried tofu with a spicy Thai rub.
Fuck you, fast food. The carrots were 99 cents for 2 lbs, shredded. The tofu was 1.19, and I ate half of the block.  The dollar menu has nothing on me.


  1. Go you!

    I have no guts when it comes to demanding things, even what I'm owed. I need a script to have any hope.

    What's funny is, I'm trying to establish credit. I have absolutely none and am very confused on how to get it. I have a savings account in an online bank with decent interest and my goal this year is to take some of that money out and get a secured credit card.

  2. I destroyed my credit in my late teens and early twenties and rebuilt it via student loans. I will send you my script for standing up to people! It involves a lot of, "Let me speak to your supervisor."

  3. Sybil, you are my freaking hero. And I say this as someone who has been doing a lot of call-center work during the past year. Also, it is entirely possible that the only credit-building thing I have ever done has been my (adorably small) student loan. I kind of want to just get it over with, but there are other things that must come first.