Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Having Risen From My Death Bed....

So one way to save money is to get very very sick. You cannot leave your house to buy things when you are confined to a sickbed.

However, staying in bed all weekend had one important side effect: I sucked it up and have paid:
cell phone
credit cards (bigger payments than ever)
student loans
car payment

This means that next paycheck will be good for savings. And for giving extra money to credit cards.
Unfortunately, it means that my food choices are ever weirder. Last night I ate a salad made out of a package of romaine hearts and a can of kidney beans. Tonight I ate yellow peppers and cremini mushrooms sauteed in olive oil with whole wheat rotini. None of this is very bad for me, it's just boring. And I live to cook fun things. I have a whole pantry of bulk food and more spices than I can throw a mortar and pestle at- but living without a lot of fresh produce is weird and more than a little frustrating. I have one pound of cremini mushrooms and four heads of cauliflower for the rest of the week. The mushrooms will make pasta sauce for the next few days, and the cauliflower will get steamed and mushed with earth balance- but that doesn't seem like it'll ward off the scurvy, now does it? No.

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